The Kitchen. The heart of the home. This week The Block does not disappoint with a display of  incredible kitchen styling and functionality.

Our favourite couple Ronnie & Georgia thought they may have been in with a chance to win this week, outlaying big bucks on items such as their porcelain splash back and downwards inductor stove top.

Shaynna thought all the kitchen elements were spot on for functionality. Georgia referred to her execution of “The Golden Triangle”. This concept is based on the premise that the primary tasks in a home kitchen  are carried out between the cook top, the sink and the refrigerator. These three points and the imaginary lines between them, make up what kitchen experts call the work triangle. The idea is that when these three elements are in close (but not too close) proximity to one other, the kitchen will be easy and efficient to use, cutting down on wasted steps.

Into the butler’s pantry and we fell in love with the gold sink, but could it have been bigger? Guess the overly large sink in Ronnie & Georgia’s kitchen made up for it with Darren Palmer exclaiming “You could wash a dog in it!”

One week is not a lot of time to plan and execute and in The Block competition you can see how little things are overlooked. But when will Ronnie & Georgia learn that you can never have too many power points?

Grey is the new white. And the kitchen leads to an open, airy living space.

Opting for a Caesar Stone Island Bench, in rugged concrete, this robust, industrial-inspired design is sure to be on wish lists around the country.   However, there are options.  You can achieve a ‘stone look’ benchtop from polytec’s MATERA range which includes a dark cement option. Polytec’s development of MATERA advances laminates and melamines as an attractive, quality, option when a stone look is desired. You’ll be surprised how much it looks and feels like real stone. This can be a cost effective option to Caesar Stone making your bench top somewhat easier to clean and maintain too.

A study nook in a kitchen area is such a fabulous idea. Homework bench, work station, a place to sit down and pay the bills. Best of all, Ronnie & Georgia used doors so the area can simply be hidden away out of sight.

The styling in Ronnie & Georga’s kitchen / living area however left Shaynna “a bit cold”. We can vouch that Ronnie & Georgia have taken this on board. We are good at keeping secrets but what we can say is – that clock in Ronnie & Georgia’s kitchen goes and we LOVE what goes in its place!

Overall we thought their kitchen was very appealing and it did get a 10/10 from judge Darren Palmer. But taking out the win with a perfect score was Josh & Elyse whose kitchen was both functional with on trend styling.  “Hygge” is a Danish word for warm and cosy and Neale Whittaker said that explains their area perfectly. Josh & Elyse’s other genius move this week is the butler’s pantry. By adjusting their staircase to give them a bit more space, they delivered one super-sized pantry.

And as for Jason & Sarah, after a disastrous last week (they didn’t complete their master bedroom and ensuite), haven’t they bounced back? Having seen Jason when we were up at The Block for our photo shoot – we knew Jason & Sarah weren’t going anywhere.  Presenting a classic kitchen that earned them second place, their metallic kitchen surfaces were stunning. There are heaps of options when it comes to a metallic suface look. Why not pop in to Cabinetmakers Choice for some samples?

We work with cabinet makers around Victoria, supplying materials for kitchens. The quality work produced by these cabinetmakers never ceases to amaze us and a quality, custom made kitchen wins every time.

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