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Cabinetmakers Choice is thrilled to supply wardrobes and other cabinetry for the NEW Block 2016 TV show contestants. The highlight for us – The Block revolving shoe rack ! Featured in Andy & Ben’s Master Bedroom, Shaynna Blaze described it as ‘every girls’ dream’.

Being on The Block is a fantastic experience and does test your patience, as you compete for space with so many other tradesmen swarming the building site, and the need to meet strict deadlines before room reveal.

The Block Wardrobes & Cabinetry

Cabinetmakers Choice supplied wardrobes for Andy & Ben’s guest bedroom which received a 10/10 from ALL judges, and wardrobes for the master bedroom with the famous revolving shoe rack. In Kim and Chris’ glamorous master bedroom again, the judges loved the cabinetry. Cabinetry was also supplied for Andy and Ben’s stunning living room and Kim and Chris’ living room with custom made entertainment drawer units and shelving to complement the exposed brick feature wall.

Wardrobes in Andy & Ben’s Guest Room

The wardrobes installed are luxurious and modern but still in keeping with the art deco theme of The Block apartments. We pride ourselves on our eye for detail and are thrilled that the contestants received 10/10 for this room. The wardrobes are Laminex Black flint. We’ve used Hettich soft close hinges. We’ve continued the detailed ‘diamond shape cut and join’ cabinetry shelving in Andy & Ben’s living room entertainment units.

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Wardrobes in Kim & Chris’ Glamour Bedroom

Kim and Chris’ bedroom is nothing short of spectacular. The huge master bedroom is the perfect parents retreat, or a stylish place to get ready for a big night out, with mood lighting and a fireplace. All that’s needed is a fridge to keep the champagne cool.

Our brief from Kim was to “think Sex & The City” – that’s the kind of look she was going for. Visually appealing custom-built wardrobes, walk-in robes and even ‘change rooms’ are becoming more and more of a feature in homes, defining the look of bedroom spaces.

Wardrobe fit outs need to be well thought out, so clothes hang at the right length, there’s plenty of storage and there’s sections for handbags, hats, scarves, belts and ties. Clever use of drawer dividers for jewellery and display cases with clear glass add to wardrobe functionality. The cabinetry, in Polytec Royal Oyster, looks stunning with the high ceilings…the judges agree.

“This is the most glamorous bedroom I’ve ever seen on The Block.” – Neale Whitaker.

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THE Revolving Shoe Rack

When it comes to revolving shoe racks, Ben and Andy’s Master bedroom has the deluxe version. The Block’s two pranksters, both from Geelong, ended up with a revolving shoe rack that blew the judges away. It’s an ingenuous shoe rack, which spins 360 degrees, with room for up to 40 pairs of shoes. Concealed by a mirror, the unit fits neatly into the wardrobe unit.

The judges went ga ga over The Block’s revolving shoe rack:

“This is every woman’s dream” – Shaynna Blaze
“I think it’s spectacular” – Darren Palmer
“That is genius” – Neil Whitaker

Get the look, click to view…

We had so much fun on The Block, it was a great learning curve.

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