Adding a few Asian Accents to your home will transform your space into a tranquil haven.

Shoji screens and doors have gained wide popularity in Western culture. The Japanese word “Shoji” describes a door, window or room divider.

Traditionally made of translucent paper over a wooden frame holding together a lattice of wood or bamboo, the versions we create today keep the tradition but are far sturdier and practical.


Shoji Doors

Shoji doors and windows can create a comfortable, casual and inviting space, something that is difficult to create with other types of doors.

The standout feature of shoji design is the translucent quality of light it creates. Australians love homes with a northerly aspect thus inviting in harsh direct sunlight. Diffused soft light is one of shoji’s main attributes which in turn protects furnishings, floors, artwork and walls from excessive fading.

Providing a great alternative to traditional doors, shoji doors are often sliding doors enabling you to save space.

A popular alternative to traditional wardrobes, don’t just think of bedroom robes, think kitchen pantry doors too!


Shoji Screens

Shoji Screens, room dividers and partitions are suitable for any room of the house and are an elegant alternative used to divide a living space.  With Australia’s love of an open plan home, shoji screens can provide an inexpensive option to add privacy to any corner of your home.

Free standing or bi-fold shoji portable screens conveniently create a special ambience. A freestanding shoji screen is decorative even when folded in a corner, ready to be moved around when needed.

Screens can be used to hide a storage area and even add a touch of class to your work space.

A favourite with interior designers, consider adding an Asian flair to the bathroom. There’s plenty of ways to incorporate shoji into your bathroom design –  doors, walls or simply as a window treatment in place of blinds or curtains.


The aesthetics of shoji design promotes a feeling of tranquility. The latticework, the cool play of light and subliminal link to a culture that respects simplicity and the natural world.

Shoji screens are often used to remedy any negative Feng Shui influences in a home. Screens have the ability to create a space where Qi can weave in and out and around areas, helping energy to nurture your space.

But really, in addition to it practical characteristics, a shoji screen or door is a feature itself.

Shoji – you are only limited by your creativity!

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