Awhile ago, we had a random thought.  Let’s start making wooden door handles. Let’s make them BIG.

Timber door handles are now available through Cabinetmakers Choice, Geelong.

We started out making round “moon” door handles in bamboo.  There are three sizes readily available or we can customise round timber door handles just for your project. They can be small knobs all the way through to giant handles – the largest door handle we have done is 39.5 cm in diameter, for a kitchen pantry!

Our sustainable bamboo “moon” door handles were so popular, we decided to branch out. So, we can also do handles in Tassie Oak or any timber really.

And, they’re not just round anymore either. We’re the Wardrobe Blokes, anything is possible!

Ask us about wooden door handles and knobs for your wardrobe, kitchen pantry, drawers or other cabinetry project.  We can tailor them to your needs, cut to size and don’t the interior designers love us!